Furstenberg Conveyancing makes property settlement simple. What is conveyancing?

In simple terms, conveyancing or settlement is the legal process for transferring the title to a property or business from one person to another.  A conveyancer or settlement agent is a professional person who attend to this process on behalf of the seller or buyer.

Furstenberg Solicitors & Notaries make property settlements simple.

We handle all forms of settlements and conveyancing:

  • Residential Property Settlements
  • Commercial Property Settlements
  • Strata Title Property Settlements
  • Title Searches
  • Document Lodgement
  • Strata Titles
  • Private Sales
  • Related Party Transfers
  • Survivorship / Transmission Applications
  • Change of Name / Title Particulars
  • Land Sub-divisions & Development
  • Vacant Land Conveyancing
  • Business Transfers
  • Family Court Property Settlements


Here are some of the questions our clients have asked us:

When buying or selling a house, do Furstenberg Solicitors & Notaries attend to every aspect of the transaction?

Yes, we attend to every aspect of the transaction including:

  • Preparation of all documentation;
  • Adjustment of local government and water rates and taxes;
  • Final utility meter readings;
  • Transfer of land/title documents;
  • Settlement statements;
  • Communication with real estate agents, banks and finance brokers;
  • Disbursing the funds.

Business couple jumpingDon’t I have to use the settlement agent the real estate agent or broker proposes?

No, by law it is your choice who you want to appoint as your settlement agent or conveyancer.

We do not pay referral fees to realtors or brokers.  Where settlements are referred to us, it is due to our quality service only.

What happens if the other party wants to get out of the contract or I encounter a legal problem?

Because we are lawyers, our clients have the peace of mind of having legal expertise available if the need arises.

What do I have to do to appoint Furstenberg Solicitors & Notaries?

It is simple. You can either:

  • Call us on 93011322; or
  • Tell the real estate agent that you will be using Furstenberg Solicitors & Notaries.

The real estate agent will forward the contract of sale to us.  We will then contact you.

What does it cost for a settlement?

Our fees are negotiable and depends on the sale or purchase price.

Call us on 93011322 for a quote, obligation free.