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Notary Public Services

A Public Notary is a public officer who has the power to witness documents, take oaths and perform a range of administrative functions required in Australia and foreign countries.  A Public Notary is regarded as an international Justice of the Peace as a local Justice of the Peace is not permitted to witness documents for use in foreign countries.

A Public Notary is by law entitled to charge a fee prescribed by law for services rendered.

Mr Furstenberg, the principal of Furstenberg Solicitors, was appointed a Public Notary by the Full Bench of the Supreme Court of Western Australia after the Chief Justice has certified that Mr Furstenberg, who has been practising law since 1994, is qualified to act as such.  The certificate has been issue on the basis of the experience, character and competency of Mr Furstenberg and the need for the appointment of a Public Notary in the Northern Suburbs of Perth.

The services that we render include the following for use in Australia and internationally:

  • Administration of oaths, affirmations and declarations
  • Certification of documents
  • Verification of identities and signatures
  • Verification of company documents
  • Witnessing of local and international documents
  • Preparation of various documents including powers of attorney, deeds, wills and various contracts
  • Noting and protesting Bills of Exchange
  • Advice on obtaining Authentications or Apostilles from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade


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